Quality Control Safeguards

Nationwide Valuation Solutions continuously monitors quality by incorporating SnapShot Automated Appraisal Review. SnapShot, developed by our Partners at ValuTrac, provides appraisal specific feedback creating a quicker and more consistent appraisal review process. Reports are then reviewed for Compliance by one of our State Licensed/Certified Reviewers prior to delivery to our Clients.

Our Quality Standards are driven by both Regulatory Compliance and Generally Accepted Appraisal Practices. Our review process considers both compliance and risk.

Compliance Considerations:

  • Appraiser Independence Compliance
  • Banking and Thrift Regulatory Compliance
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Compliance
  • FHA & USDA Compliance
  • USPAP Compliance
Risk Considerations:
  • Specific Lender and Investor guidelines
  • Overvaluation
SnapShot combined with our internal Compliance Review procedures produces a quality report for each of your orders submitted.