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You'll have “peace of mind” knowing we have your solutions! We know Appraiser Independence is a top priority so we are diligent in seeing strict adherence to all State and Federal compliance standards.

You should know, although we offer a comprehensive Appraiser network for your use, we can incorporate your existing Appraiser Panels into our network. Our technology allows tracking of each Appraiser for individual compliance regarding current and proper Appraiser License/Certifications and E & O. You'll find our fees are competitive with a higher percentage being paid promptly to the Appraisers.

Further, our quality control assures each report meets both Lender specific and Regulatory guidelines through our 900 point automated compliance check followed by a complete compliance check by one of our Licensed/Certified Reviewers. All compliance checks are performed by our Staff and never outsourced to a third party. You'll receive the most accurate valuation for every order you place.

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